IMG_1181Public Policy Analysis

The tools of economic analysis are frequently applied to assess the impact of a policy or program on business behavior or within an industry segment. PQC, Inc. has considerable experience and expertise in performing policy analysis, particularly in examining the impact of an existing or proposed policy on firm behavior. Our consultants have worked for industry, trade associations, and policymakers in performing such assessments, and the results of their work have frequently been used either to support the policy or to make positive, beneficial changes to an existing policy.

A sample of our consultants’ experience includes providing public policy studies for the following agencies:  National Women’s Business Council (studies on procurement, access to capital and social network analysis), Minerals Management Service (now the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, studies on the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and assessing the impact of the Deepwater Royalty Relief Program), and the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy (studies on assessing antitrust impacts on small business, examining rural small business growth, assessing firms using accelerators and incubators, and evaluating the impact of tax expenditure programs on small businesses).


  • Econometric Modeling of Firm Performance
  • Analysis of Women- and Minority-owned Businesses
  • Procurement Statistics and Disparity Studies
  • Analysis of Program and/or Legislative Policies