IMG_1190Regulatory Economics

Government intervention in the marketplace in the form of regulation often forces businesses to alter their decision making. PQC, Inc. provides both policy makers and business leaders with the tools, experience, and insight to understand how regulation influences markets as a whole and individual firm behavior. In addition, PQC, Inc. has worked with clients in markets that have been deregulated and assisted policy makers and others to determine how markets may respond to deregulation and how firms will compete in an open, competitive environment.

We have substantial experience analyzing complex regulatory issues facing participants in regulatory proceedings before federal and state agencies. We apply advanced economic, finance and accounting techniques to help our clients prepare regulatory filings and documents to help determine fair and reasonable rates. We provide our clients with clear, concise, defensible and accurate analyses.


  • Cost Allocation and Rate Design
  • Cost of Service Analyses
  • Pipeline Regulation
  • Water Utility Regulation
  • Indexation