IMG_1188Valuation and Forensics

PQC, Inc. consultants have extensive experience in the valuation of assets, liabilities, equity positions, and business enterprises. We apply advanced financial, statistical, and economic techniques to provide our clients with informative and accurate value conclusions. Every valuation exercise presents unique challenges that require an in-depth assessment of market fundamentals and risk factors. Our team of valuation experts provides unbiased, objective financial and economic analysis of all relevant factors that influence value determination. We have previously valued a wide range of tangible and intangible assets, as well as the fair market value of business enterprises. In each project, we consider all potential valuation methods to provide our clients with a clear and concise estimate of value that is both theoretically and quantitatively sound.

Our consultants provide our clients with valuation expertise in the context of expert testimony, litigation support, tax analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital determination, regulatory concerns, financial modeling and business management strategy. Previous engagements include valuations performed across numerous industries, including, among others, the consumer finance, oil and gas, oil field services, agriculture, educational institutions, chemicals, retail and consumer goods, electronics and electronic components distribution, computers, software, transportation, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Forensics and Tracing
  • Divorce and Marital Dissolution
  • Financial Neutral Services
  • Valuation of Intellectual Property
  • Tax and Transfer Pricing